This section prepares you for moving, familiarizing you with the domestic moving processes and crucial issues to be taken care of while relocating. Relocation is costly and time consuming, it is essential that you decide which items you choose to ship abroad and skip, keeping in mind the following considerations.

If you are have a definite housing arrangement already made then with the available floor plan of the house, you can easily determine how your furniture and appliances would fit in the new location and ship them accordingly. At your destination, our experts will help unpack and place your belongings as per the room by room floor plan. Our experts also help you decide by pointing out items that cannot be moved or fit in to your new location because of space constraints.


The need for a strong and reliable insurance policy to safeguard your belongings cannot be stressed enough. From the time your consignment leaves your premises until they are delivered to your new destination, in case of damages, missing items or any natural calamity, this insurance policy will make sure that your belongings are protected. Additional insurance on your household items and other belongings that are making the domestic move is always advisable. You must prepare an itemized inventory of your move, complete with the precise valuation of each item as well as the cost to you of moving the item. When you avail of an insurance policy, the responsibility of providing a detailed inventory falls entirely on you. In case any claims need to be made, incomplete papers may result in delays or complications. Also, correct documents will smooth the process for you if such a situation does arise.


Before going through the domestic moving process you should prepare a box of items that you would immediately need in your new home. carry it with you. Ensure not to ship valuable and important documents along with other items. You could keep photocopies of these documents at a safe place as well, in the event of any loss or misplacement. Keep all family records, passports, tickets, visas, birth certificates, marriage documents, check books, currency and driving licenses with you while you travel. Avoid shipping any jewels, inflammables, alcohol, etc.

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